About Us

M​yChr​istianCommunities.com is:

  • A place for Christians by Christians​.​
  • A non​-​profit organization that’s committed to helping communities around the world​.​
  • A​n​ online website that brings Christians together​.​
  • A place where you can go ​to experience fellowship with other Christians around the world ​and to stay in touch with your church when you’re away​.​
  • Up​-to​-date information about the Christian community around the world​.​
  • A resource to buy books, ​CD​s, ​DVDs and other items that are available ​from our ​Platinum ​Member​ Churches​.
  • ​A resource to find new church​ communiti​es to visit wherever you are,​ whenever you need them.
  • ​A place to receive donations to benefit ​needy ​people and ​worthy ​charities ​worldwide.

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